About Us

Circle K Ranch is family owned and managed by Bud and Carole Katzmann.

The 90 acre facility has a long and charming history. Coming into ownership of Carole’s ancestors in 1871, the land was utilized for dairy farming. Carole’s father, Lester Bowman, devoted the land to horse boarding around 1968 due to his love of horses.

Bud and Carole, moving into the Lebanon area in 1999, made many improvements to the former farm.

The goal of the Circle K Ranch is to continue expanding, consistently adding more amenities to the horse boarding facility.


The daughter of Gladys and the late Lester Bowman, Carole is an administrative secretary at a local hospital. Previously she was vice president of a national corporation. Carole is a former regent and current member of the Flag House Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) and is past president of the Regents' Club of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Having a strong interest in family history, Carole is currently serving as secretary and program coordinator of the Palmyra Area Genealogical Society. She is also an officer of a corporation dedicated to preserving and promoting a local historic building.

Carole is completely dedicated to caring for the horses, including early morning and evening feedings.


The son of the late Albert and Violet Katzmann, Bud is currently vice president of a national advertising corporation, with five district managers and 23 marketing associates reporting to him. He has prior experience as a CEO of a national corporation and was also associated with Campbell Soup Company and Memorex Corporation.

Bud enjoys caring for the horses and maintaining the property.