Horse Boarding Services

  • We subscribe to the already established open-pasture boarding modality, implemented by the late Mr. Bowman. His love for the outdoors and nature combined with his love of animals, motivated him to research the many healthy benefits of pasture-type horse boarding.
  • We believe our horses are in the most natural setting, doing what horses do all day, contently grazing.
  • We devote approximately 55 acres of safely fenced grassland containing three streams to our boarders.
  • We offer many riding trails, not only around our 90 acres, but rails to trails is just 1/2 mile away. Our boarders use several trails through close-by wooded areas. Never a need to truck your horse for pleasure riding.
  • We provide large converted stables and a huge run-in for shelter.
  • We provide free hay, 3 times-a-day during the cold season. Fresh water is supplied throughout the year. Large mineral and salt blocks are provided.
  • We provide daily care for our horses and feed grain as directed. Horse boarders supply their own choice of grain, if needed.
  • We clean all stables and surrounding acreage.
  • We provide a stadium-sized outdoor exercise arena with soft-earth and grass footing.